Carbon Road Bicycle with Sram Rival Group Climbing Rig - KLYMB

James Harrell is a Mechanical Engineer and has been working in the aerospace industry for 28 years. For seven of those years James designed and worked on the Space Station solar arrays, specifically the mast that extends and holds up the solar array. James is a registered professional engineer in the state of California.

James has been a cycling enthusiast since his early teens and after owning many heavy road bikes, decided to build a bike up from scratch in 1984. That frame was made from Columbus SL tubing, the light weight tubing of the time, and was fitted and hand brazed by James using Silver. After over 20,000 miles James still owns and occasionally rides this frame today.

Over the years James has built up and restored many bikes, including an original Kestrel 4000, a Klein Aeolus, a Zeus Supercronos, a DeBernardi Thron, a Gitane Tour de France, a Guru Geneo, a VISP, and an Aegis Aro Svelte. In addition James has built numerous custom builds for friends over the years.

James is currently in his mid 50s and as his retirement age approaches, he now realizes that he would like to spend his retirement years doing what he loves, building bikes, so James has formed a small bicycle company around the unique Space Bicycle platform.